Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Around Here

Am I the only one who doesn't quite feel like it's actually Christmas Eve? Maybe it has something to do with it still being 76 degrees...oh well.

I've been listening to this song on repeat, watching Christmas specials (I'm a sucker for the classic claymations), and discovering this browser extension that benefits charities to help get myself in the Christmas spirit while we wait for the next cold front to come through. Otherwise, the Christmas season has looked a bit like this around here...

A first attempt at homemade key lime pie

Coming home to discover ornaments I threw together last year (and then promptly forgot about) already strung...plain clear bulbs 1) filled with tiny decorative pine cones, 2) frosted easily with a bit of glue and white glitter, and 3) with one or two white feathers inserted (I think it gives them such a lovely ethereal feel, don't you agree?)

A plain twig wreath base (picked up from Hobby Lobby) that I then wove with fake frosted berry strands and leftover mini pine cones

A bag full of homegrown giant yellow limes (yes, limes!) from a dear neighbor and friend

I hope you're all having a lovely holiday filled with family, friends, laughter, sweet tidings, and lots of good food.

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