Monday, June 17, 2013

As much for me as you.

I want to tell you something that may not have been said:

Thank you. And congrats.

For all those small moments that you surmounted to do those things, maybe out of character or of a bigger battle, but without any flash or bang.

Thank you for taking care of yourself. And congratulations on that, too.
        (I know first-hand how difficult this can be. It's not selfish to sometimes just put yourself first. Or maybe it is, and that's more than okay.)

Congratulations on choosing to come home, when your bones have always pushed you away.
Congratulations on moving out of the state where you spent your whole life, on little more than some crossed fingers and tied shoelaces.
Congratulations for booking that plane ticket even while your heart raced and your knees shook and your mind told you that it didn't make any sense.
Congratulations on fighting for it. Whatever your "it" is.

        You are amazing.

If anyone hasn't told you lately that these little-big things are amazing: know that they are.

        Please, be proud.

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  1. really loved this. and right back at you, friend.