Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello, it's quite hot.

What's this? Two photo-laden life-dump posts in a week? This one with even less direction? Well, aren't you lucky.

It has been incredibly hot this summer. Like, dogs-of-hell hot. We've had more 100 degree days than I care to remember with humidity, even higher heat indexes, and one weekend topping out around 108 degrees (42 C). Oy.

There have been a lot of doctors appointments lately (more on that later). A lot of days spent in some kind of haze as the earth bakes. A lot of new and old things, a lot of clay between my fingers. A lot of feeling things change. And a lot of good days, too, to go with the bad. I bought myself some dairy-free ice cream (a new favorite) and gluten free cones on a whim one day...and they made the perfect treat after an almost-flat tire in the rain the day after. 

Our colors have been saturated on the few plants that are left alive and our skies have been wild--a week of sitting clouds providing them both. Days have been lazy and slow, with a sprinkling of hurried panic, to go with them. You can feel it in the air that the summer's winding down (though not before a show of force...there's a lot of heat still yet to come).

Our sunsets, as always, have been more than enough. These summer skies are kind of a favorite of mine, and I just can't get enough. Here's to the days left ahead.


  1. these are some BEAUTIFUL pictures, lady! you captured summertime perfectly

  2. I'm so in love with your photos!