Saturday, August 17, 2013

On the eve of a birthday, some things I've learned

You are allowed to end any relationship that doesn’t feel good. Friendships, romantic interests, even toxic family members. If you can, terminate the ties in a way where you can still be around them if needed. If this doesn’t work, put self-preservation first.

It’s okay to have gaps in knowledge. (spoiler alert: you always will.)

Ask forgiveness from yourself most of all.

Until proven otherwise, give people the benefit of the doubt. It takes less out of you than being angry. This can apply to big things and little. (Ex: maybe the person who stole your parking spot doesn’t have as good of health as you.)

Practice giving kindness to others, even if it’s not always given to you. You will appreciate it more when it is.

Admit when you’re uncertain, whether it’s in a friendship, a job, or a class. Most people won’t mind giving clarification.

Accept that hurt will happen in your life. Don’t try to avoid it at the expense of everything else. Embrace it when you can. Learn what you can. Try to make the things around it worthwhile.

Practice being both in and out of your element. Learn to find a balance of each.

We all need help. Always.

I think that, maybe, “home” is held most in memories and things that we’re always one step off of. It’s okay. You’re not the only one ever to feel lost.

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