Sunday, October 12, 2014

A ramble on being human in the fall

There was one night, not terribly long ago, where I stirred very early in the morning--sometime around 5am--feeling undeniably miserable. The kind that sits in some sort of sandbag weight around your lungs and heart and stubbornly refuses to be shaken. Somewhere in the midst of that, trying adamantly to logic with the subconscious of my brain, something floated through my mind--a thought, or perhaps a cry or a prayer: "Please just let someone be thinking of me."

In retrospect, I think that was pretty human. Sometimes desperate, sometimes humored. Sometimes whining in the tub after 2 Benadryl fail to kick the itch out of the latest batch of mosquito bites (seriously, guys. it's October. I know our temperatures have just consistently dropped below 90, but surely we can end this buffet?). 
Sometimes forcing your best friend to watch Gilmore Girls for the first time because she seriously hasn't seen is and how can any capable woman between 18 and 45 NOT be marathoning it on Netflix and falling in love all over again??? (For the record: I'm pro-Jess and pro-Luke. Also newly appreciating just how flipping fantastic all the female friendships in this show are. And all the women are SO UNAPOLOGETICALLY GREAT at their jobs. And I could go on in all caps about just how much THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT, but I guess I'll spare you. Sort of.) 

That's all to say that being a human is very strange, and maybe just a constant strain of rediscovering what it is that makes us so. Especially at this stage in life. 

Since there's no additional point to this post, I'll just say: I hope your autumn is proving weird, but that you embrace it in the best ways you can.